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Precision casting is more mechanized and automated to ensure the stability and uniformity of casting quality.

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01Company strength
Precision casting parts are complete in variety and reasonable in price. The company has strong strength, pays attention to credit, abides by contract and guarantees product quality.
02Reliable quality
Our products have passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and have been exported to more than 10 countries, regions and domestic markets. Our products have been widely praised by customers at home and abroad.
03Enterprise concept
The company respects the enterprise spirit of "steadiness, hard work and responsibility", and creates a good enterprise environment with integrity, win-win situation and business philosophy.
04Customer service improvement
With the brand-new management mode, perfect technology, thoughtful service and reliable quality as the basis for survival, we serve customers with our heart and insist on moving customers with our own services.


Feedback of Silica Sol precision casting method
Feedback of Silica Sol precision casting method

Casting is an important step in silica sol casting. What are the common casting methods? Feedback of Silica Sol precision casting method: 1. Crystallization under pressure. The mold shell is placed in ...

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Feedback on solidification mode of stainless steel
Feedback on solidification mode of stainless steel

There are three solidification modes: 1. Layer by layer, 2. Volume solidification (paste solidification), 3. Intermediate solidification. Solidification mode of stainless steel casting: 1. When the sol...

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About us

About us
Wuqiao Yuankun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Yuankun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is divided into two factory areas: Baoding Yuankun Machinery Co., Ltd. and Wuqiao Yuankun Machinery Co., Ltd., which are located in Baoding, Hebei and Wuqiao, Cangzhou, Hebei.The main processes are: silica sol precision casting production line, water glass precision casting production line and metal surface treatment production line. Processing and producing all kinds of ordinary carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel 304 (CF8), 3......

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How to determine the casting temperature of stainless steel
Casting work is an important means of cast steel production. The use of stainless steel castings is an important product of many enterprises. The casting temperature is determined in the casting work. ...
At present, there are four development breakthrough points o
It is reported that at present, the development of precision casting technology in industrialized countries in the world has four goals, namely: 1. Improve the quality and reliability of castings and p...
What should be paid attention to when cleaning stainless ste
The existence of stainless steel casting is the focus of our daily life. This is the companys key work item for the market. The basic maintenance and use technology of stainless steel castings is also ...
What are the advantages of precision steel casting
With the continuous development of production capacity and production technology in the mechanical industry, the casting characteristics of steel castings are also constantly upgrading. Because of the ...
Causes of incomplete precision casting
1. It cant be poured (insufficient pouring). Incomplete or incomplete in outline or though complete but with rounded and shiny corners. It often appears far away from gate and thin wall. Its pouring sy...
How about the effect forming technology of precision copper
Copper casting is often used as a key part of machine and equipment, so the requirements on performance are very strict, otherwise the use effect and service life of workpiece can not be guaranteed. Th...
What factors will lead to defects in the casting process of
Due to many factors, defects such as porosity, pinhole, slag inclusion, crack and pit often appear in copper castings. So how to remedy it? The commonly used repair equipment is argon arc welding machi...
How to solve the shrinkage defect of stainless steel casting
The problem in the production of stainless steel castings is that the castings have shrinkage defects. In order to deal with this problem, many experts have carried out research. Now solide casting ind...

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